Banh Tet: A Culinary Emblem of Tet Celebrations in Southern Vietnam

Crafting a Cylindrical Delicacy Wrapped in Tradition

Banh Tet, an emblematic creation hailing from the vibrant heart of South Vietnam, unveils itself as an indispensable guest at every Tet festivity. A tantalizing evolution of its northern counterpart, Banh Chung, Banh Tet embodies a harmonious symphony of flavors and traditions. The core constituents—unctuous glutinous rice, luscious mung beans, and succulent cooked pork—echo Banh Chung’s essence, yet it’s the distinct cylindrical silhouette that sets Banh Tet apart, a departure from the conventional square or circular forms.


Encased in Verdant Leaves, Awaiting Epicurean Revelation

The ritual of fashioning Banh Tet transpires in the quietude of anticipation, typically commencing a week ahead of Tet. Meticulously selected glutinous rice, redolent and tender, stands as the keystone for crafting this epicurean treasure. Mung beans, subjected to repeated rinsing, attain a pristine state before surrendering to the alchemy of the process. The ensemble is elevated with pork and its decadent fat, coaxed into flavorsome submission through the delicate interplay of salt, sugar, and an ensemble of fragrant spices. For those seeking an elevated gustatory experience, dried shrimps join the pork at the heart of the Banh Tet, bestowing an added layer of delectable complexity. A verdant banana leaf envelops this symphony, carefully cradling the assembly. Tenderly bundled and secured with plastic ribbons, the masterpiece embarks on a transformative journey within a generous steaming vessel.

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An Artistry of Tradition and Culinary Finesse

Much like its square counterpart, Banh Chung, Banh Tet marries the delicate harmony of soaked glutinous rice and mung beans with the hearty embrace of pork, all cocooned within the embrace of wrapping leaves. As the final flourish nears, deft hands and nimble threads sculpt the Banh Tet into consumable art, presenting a cross-section akin to a doughnut, its center yielding a succulent mélange of rice, pork, and mung bean. Traditionally savored with cu cai muoi and cu cai nuoc mam (turnip pickles and turnip fish sauce pickles), as well as the delectable thit kho nuoc cot dua (pork cooked with coconut juice), Banh Tet graciously beckons palates into a dance of textures and flavors. For those who seek an innovative gustatory escapade, a crisp and delectably seasoned Banh Tet emerges by powder-coating and pan-frying this time-honored delicacy.

The Symphony of Serving and Subtleties

In perfect symphony with this culinary masterpiece, a cup of fragrant tea assumes its rightful place, poised to cleanse the palate and elevate the Banh Tet experience. The nuanced artistry of Banh Tet extends beyond its classic rendition. Enter Banh Tet Chuoi—its essence exudes a symphony of sweetness, fashioned from ripe bananas that tantalize the palate with their saccharine notes. Yet, beware the unripe banana, for it begets a composition of bitterness and sour tang. This enchanting iteration, known to grace the Mekong Delta, particularly in the tapestry of Tien Giang Province, unveils itself as a must-taste wonder. Should your travels guide you to a bustling market within Tien Giang Province’s embrace, a mere bite of Banh Tet Chuoi promises a beguiling serenade for your senses.

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Unveiling the Tapestry of Tradition and Unity

If Banh Chung and Banh Day stand as totems of the North, Banh Tet emerges as an emblem of Southern distinction. The journey from its inception to its savoring mirrors a significant ritual, intertwining culinary finesse and heartfelt familial bonds. As the Lunar New Year dawns, Banh Tet becomes the conduit through which warm embraces and shared moments converge, painting an indelible tableau of familial and neighborly communion. With its ceremonial creation and harmonious consumption, Banh Tet weaves a rich tapestry of tradition, an exquisite embodiment of the Tet spirit that unfurls its symphony of flavors and togetherness on the inaugural day of the New Year.