Terms and Conditions of Travel Guides Asia

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1. Copyright Protection

1.1. Protection of Content

The content available on the web interface of Travel Guides Asia, including texts, photographs, logos, and other elements, is subject to copyright protection. In addition to my copyright, other rights of third parties may also protect the content. Any modification, copying, reproduction, distribution, or unauthorized use of the content is strictly prohibited without my explicit consent or the consent of the copyright holder. This prohibition extends to the free or pending access to photos and texts present on the web interface. The names and labels associated with services, companies, or products mentioned on the website may be registered trademarks owned by their respective owners.

1.2. Copyright Enforcement and Compensation

As the copyright holder, I retain the right to waive my copyright protection and demand the removal of unauthorized copies of the protected content. Furthermore, I have the right to seek reasonable compensation for any damages incurred as a result of copyright infringement.

2. Privacy Policy

2.1. Automatic Data Collection

When you use the Travel Guides Asia web interface, certain data is automatically collected, including your IP address, browser type, device and operating system information, time and frequency of accessing the web interface, and information obtained through cookies. It’s important to note that this data is collected even without registration or any form of user input on the web interface.

2.2. Non-Disclosure of Personal Information

Your personal information is not shared with any other individuals or companies. Travel Guides Asia ensures the privacy and confidentiality of the data you provide.

2.3. Google Analytics and Cookies

The web interface employs Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, Inc.

2.4. Understanding Google Analytics

Google Analytics utilizes “cookies,” which are text files stored on the computers of web interface visitors. These files enable the analysis of web interface usage. The information generated by these cookies, including the visitor’s IP address, is transferred to and stored on servers located in the United States. Google uses this information to evaluate the usage of the web interface and generate activity reports for both Travel Guides Asia and general internet use. In certain cases, Google may provide this information to third parties as required by law or for processing purposes. Google does not associate the IP address of the visitor with any other data at its disposal. By using the web interface, you consent to the processing of your data by Google in the manner and for the purposes described above.

2.5. Cookie Management

You can manage the use of cookies in your browser settings. Most browsers accept cookies by default, but you can choose to reject or allow only specific cookies. Instructions on how to manage cookies for different browsers can be found in relevant sources such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

2.6. Cookie Policy and Functionality

Travel Guides Asia employs cookies to enhance the website’s functionality and services. Cookies are small files stored in a visitor’s browser that help distinguish individual users. These files do not reveal the user’s identity. Cookies assist in maintaining the proper functioning of the website, determining frequently visited pages, and optimizing ad display by ensuring visitors are not repeatedly shown the same ads or ads for irrelevant products. Some cookies may collect information for use by third parties (third-party cookies). For more general information about cookies, please refer to reliable sources.


3. Other Considerations Regarding Web Interface Usage

3.1. Affiliate Links and Third-Party Affiliates

The Travel Guides Asia website contains affiliate links and third-party affiliates. Clicking on certain links within the web interface may redirect you to external websites. All orders, product purchases, and reservations (e.g., tickets, accommodation) are exclusively processed on the third-party websites. Travel Guides Asia receives a small commission for successful orders. Please note that Travel Guides Asia does not operate an e-shop or require registration within its system.

3.2. Access and Security Limitations

Travel Guides Asia cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to the web interface or the security of the website. I am not liable for any damages resulting from accessing or using the web interface, including damages caused by data downloads, service interruptions, interface failures, computer viruses, data loss, loss of profits, or unauthorized data access.

3.3. Responsibility for Third-Party Interference

Travel Guides Asia holds no responsibility for errors resulting from third-party interference with the web interface or misuse of the web interface. Users must refrain from engaging in activities that disrupt the operation of the web interface, such as using mechanisms, software, scripts, or procedures that negatively impact its functionality or overload the system. Furthermore, any activity that allows individuals to tamper with or improperly utilize the web interface, its components, or software for purposes contrary to their intended use is strictly prohibited.

3.4. Consequences of Unlawful Behavior

In the event of any unlawful or unethical behavior when using the web interface, Travel Guides Asia reserves the right to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to the web interface without any compensation. Additionally, you are liable for any demonstrable damages resulting from your actions as described in this section.

These Terms of Use are effective as of January 1, 2023.