Budget Travel in Myanmar: Tips for Affordable Exploration

Embarking on a budget-friendly journey through Myanmar is a thrilling prospect for travelers seeking affordable adventures in Southeast Asia. While countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia are well-known for their affordability, Burma, or Myanmar, often remains overlooked. This article delves into the realm of Myanmar budget travel, shedding light on the costs and providing valuable tips to make the most of your money. Discover whether Myanmar is an expensive destination and gain insights into the typical daily budget you can expect.

Is Myanmar a Feasible Destination for Budget Travelers?

To determine the feasibility of traveling on a low budget in Myanmar, it’s crucial to define what a low budget means to you. Planning a trip to Burma with a daily budget of approximately USD 50 (excluding flights) should pose little difficulty. However, compared to neighboring countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, the cost of traveling in Myanmar is noticeably higher. This does not imply that budget travel in Myanmar is impossible; rather, it necessitates an adjustment in expectations, especially regarding accommodation expenses.

Budget Travelers

Independent vs. Packaged Tours: Which is More Budget-Friendly?

Opting for independent travel is invariably more cost-effective than joining packaged tours. Although it requires more planning, it proves financially rewarding in the long run.

The primary advantage lies in the flexibility to choose your destinations and accommodation. The average cost of a hotel or hostel in Myanmar ranges from USD 20 to USD 40 per night. Additionally, budget-conscious travelers often rely on buses instead of domestic flights for transportation, as bus fares are considerably cheaper.

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In contrast, packaged tours include most expenses within the package, driving up the overall cost. A typical seven-day tour of Myanmar can exceed USD 1,500, while an independent trip may cost around USD 500 or less. Opting for independent travel is undeniably the best approach for experiencing Myanmar on a shoestring budget.


Top Budget Itineraries: Unveiling Myanmar’s Affordable Gems

This section highlights a selection of budget-friendly destinations for your Myanmar itinerary.

  • Yangon: Often the first city on a tourist’s list, Yangon boasts an array of cheap hotels and hostels in the downtown area. Exploring the city’s vibrant streets and savoring local cuisine at affordable eateries is a delightful experience.
  • Bagan: While there is an initial fee of approximately USD 20 to enter the archaeological zone, the enchanting temples and pagodas within make it worthwhile. Renting an electric bicycle to discover lesser-known temples and venturing beyond the town center unveils more affordable local restaurants.
  • Mandalay: This city offers numerous hotels and hostels at reasonable prices, along with a variety of budget-friendly bars and restaurants. Strolling along the walls of Mandalay Palace and witnessing the sunset over its moat are among the memorable free activities available.
  • Inle Lake: Although reaching Inle Lake can be somewhat inconvenient, the accommodation options upon arrival are relatively affordable. Despite the high taxi prices from the distant airport, once settled in, exploring the picturesque lake becomes an affordable pleasure.

Other notable destinations include Kyaiktiyo, home to the gravity-defying Golden Rock Pagoda, and Hsipaw, renowned for its scenic train ride through Goteik Gorge from Mandalay.


Best Budget Accommodation in Myanmar: Wallet-Friendly Options

To assist you in finding affordable lodging, here is a curated list of budget-friendly hostels and hotels in various Myanmar destinations, with prices denoted in USD:

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Hostel The SAT: Offering private rooms, free Wi-Fi, and a hearty breakfast, prices start at approximately USD 20 per night.

15th street @ Downtown Yangon: This downtown hotel provides comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi and breakfast for around USD 30 per night.


Hotel Yadanarbon Bagan: With prices ranging from USD 25 to USD 30 per night, this hotel in New Bagan includes breakfast and air conditioning in its rooms. It’s conveniently located near temples, bars, and restaurants.

Sky View Hotel: Situated in Nyaung U, this relatively new hotel offers free Wi-Fi and breakfast for around USD 30 per night. Renting bicycles is also available.



Bed & Breakfast ABC Backpacker @ Golden City Light: This hostel in a prime location offers dormitory beds for as little as USD 19 per night, including breakfast. Bicycle and motorbike rentals are also available.

Golden City Light Hotel: With rooms starting at around USD 25 per night, this hotel provides private rooms with bathrooms, free Wi-Fi, and bicycle rentals. It’s conveniently situated near bars and restaurants.

Inle Lake

Sin Yaw Guesthouse: Offering affordable private rooms starting at USD 20 per night, including breakfast, this guesthouse is located in Nyaung Shwe, a short walk from the lake.

Inle Star Hotel: Located in Nyaung Shwe, this hotel provides comfortable rooms with air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and flat-screen TVs for around USD 20 per night. Free toiletries are also included.

Other destinations like Kyaiktiyo and Hsipaw offer budget-friendly accommodation options, such as Thuwunna Bomi Mountain View Hotel in Kyaiktiyo and Hotel Lily Home in Hsipaw.

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Top Tips for Budget Travel in Myanmar: Maximizing Value for Money

To ensure your budget stretches further while exploring Myanmar, consider the following tips:

  • Utilize Overland Transport: Opt for buses rather than domestic flights to cut daily costs in half, as flights can be quite expensive.
  • Be Selective with Temple Visits: While Myanmar boasts numerous temples, be mindful of admission fees. Choose to explore lesser-known temples to avoid excessive expenses.
  • Book Flights Wisely: Conduct thorough research to find the best flight deals. Consider flying to Bangkok first, which often offers cheaper flights to Myanmar.
  • Venture Beyond Tourist Restaurants: Avoid restaurants located along main tourist stretches, as they tend to have inflated prices. Ask locals or your hotel for recommendations on affordable local eateries.
  • Exchange Money in Myanmar: Bring new, unfolded bills in major currencies such as USD or Euro to exchange at reliable exchange offices in Myanmar, as rates outside the country are often unfavorable.
  • Seek Budget-Friendly Transportation: Avoid relying solely on taxis, as the fares can add up quickly. Look for alternative modes of transportation, such as buses or shared rides.
  • Embrace Street Food: Explore local street food stalls for affordable and authentic culinary experiences.
  • Haggle and Compare Prices: Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices and compare rates at various vendors or markets to get the best value for your money.
  • Stay Hydrated with Refillable Water Bottles: Opt for refillable water bottles to save money on purchasing bottled water throughout your journey.

By employing these tips and tricks, you can make the most of your budget and embark on an enriching adventure through Myanmar without breaking the bank. Safe travels!