Every tourist have a Indonesia trip that always come to visit Jakarta because of its culture, people and lifestyle


The full name is Jakarta Provincial District of Jakarta as the capital of Indonesia. It is a province of Indonesia. Previously known as Sunda Kelapa is, Jayakarta and Batavia. Jakarta is located on Java Island’s northwest coast, an area of ​​661.52 km² and a population of 8.792 million people in 2004. Jakarta has developed more than 490 years and is now the metropolitan area population density ranks 9th generation with 44 283 people world / sq.

Jakarta Metropolitan called Jabotabek and has 23 million people and it includes urban areas of Jakarta-Bandung University.

Jakarta International Airport Soekarno-Hatta. Since 2004, under the Movement system Sutiyoso has developed new transportation. By 2007, Jakarta will have elevated monorail tram. Jakarta Jakarta Stock Exchange. This makes your Indonesia trip to Jakarta become more convenient


Officially, Jakarta is not a city that is a special province as the capital of Indonesia. Jakarta five cities (kotamadya) and a district. Jakarta is managed like other provinces of Indonesia. The executive head of Jakarta’s governor. And each of its cities is headed by a mayor. Head of the district as a district chief.

Jakarta is located in the lower part of the basin and flat with an average elevation of 7 meters (23 ft) above mean sea level; 40% of Jakarta, especially the lower northern sea level, while the south is mainly hilly. The river spilled from Puncak highlands in the south of the city, which flows through the city poured into the sea north of Java; Ciliwung river divided into western and eastern. The others include Pesanggrahan River, and Sunter.



All this river combined with the wet season and the drainage system is not enough to protest in front of the Jakarta floods. Moreover, Jakarta is sinking at a rate of 5-10 cm per year, even up to 20 cm in the north coast region. To solve this problem, the Dutch will spend $ 4 billion for a feasibility study to build a dike around Jakarta Bay. Tourist should notice this in your Indonesia trip