Harvesting Fortune: Choosing Auspicious Dates for Vietnamese Business Openings

Deeply rooted in the tapestry of Vietnamese culture is the meticulous practice of aligning actions with propitious dates. Before embarking on significant endeavors such as constructing a house, orchestrating a wedding celebration, or launching a business, the Vietnamese people place immense importance on the art of date selection. Though some may dismiss this practice as mere superstition, to most, it has transformed into an ingrained habit and a fervent belief, where favorable outcomes are believed to be intertwined with judiciously chosen dates.


The Art of Selecting Auspicious Dates for Business Openings in Vietnamese Culture

Consulting a fortune teller to determine the optimal date to initiate a business venture, whether anew or to recommence operations in the fresh year, is a custom embraced by many. From the creaking of a convenience store’s entryway to the commencement of machinery in a factory, each step adheres to age-specific guidelines. The fortune teller delves into their clients’ ages, hour of birth, and birth date, meticulously analyzing these details through the lens of Chinese philosophies to unveil the most felicitous date for the business founder. For those who have delved into the intricacies of Yin and Yang and the Five Basic Elements (Thuyet Am Duong Ngu Hanh), a self-guided journey is facilitated with the aid of specialized literature.

On the dawn of a new year, a select day is earmarked, and individuals congregate at their offices or shops, initiating a symbolic act of business commencement. Though their doors might not fully swing open until days later, this ceremonial moment firmly establishes the auspicious date as the venture’s inauguration. It is ingrained that the occurrences within this sacred hour will weave the fabric of the business’s fate for the forthcoming year. Participants endeavor to radiate joy and warmth, some even enlisting family and friends to partake in symbolic purchases using crisp new banknotes, fostering an atmosphere of abundance and ensuring prosperity throughout the year.

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Irrespective of scale, Vietnamese enterprises universally seek the most propitious date to initiate their business activities in the new year.


The search for the perfect date is a dynamic process, subject to the flux of years and the ages of the proprietors. The Vietnam Research Center – School of Oriental elucidates that, in 2012, the optimal dates for business commencement fell on January 9th (Lunar Calendar) or January 31st (Gregorian Calendar), with the golden hours spanning between 7:20 and 9:20, and 11:20 and 13:20. Notably, this is a broad guideline, as the age of the business owners may lead to other favorable dates within the broader range of January 1-6th (Lunar Calendar).

Curiously, certain industries abide by their distinct beliefs. For instance, the Vietnamese adage “Tranh di mung 7, tranh ve mung 3” (Avoid departure on the 7th and arrival on the 3rd) influences the scheduling of travel agencies. Thus, tours commencing or concluding on the 3rd and 7th of January during Tet, the Lunar New Year, are diligently sidestepped.

Throughout the year, three inauspicious dates – the 5th, 14th, and 23rd of each lunar month, where the sum of individual numbers equals 5 – are regarded as unfavorable for significant endeavors. While exceptions may be contemplated, the majority opt to steer clear of these dates when planning their business activities.


Why does the selection of a commencement date hold such profound significance in the hearts of the Vietnamese people?

This reverence for date selection rests on two enduring pillars.

1. Proactive Safeguarding

The process of pinpointing an auspicious date demands minimal effort, and its fundamental purpose lies in averting misfortune. The avoidance of the haunting refrain “if only” propels individuals to seek optimal outcomes by laying the foundation on a fortuitous date, thus preventing potential pitfalls.

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2. The Power of Profound Belief

Vietnamese existence is deeply enmeshed in spiritual values, where ancestral veneration and religious practices exert a pervasive influence. Across generations, the belief in the causal link between a well-chosen date and business success has evolved into a steadfast conviction. This belief, as the initial step towards prosperity, kindles an indomitable motivation. Armed with this intrinsic drive, individuals confront and surmount obstacles, nurturing an environment conducive to remarkable achievements on the horizon.