Traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya: Exploring Transportation Options and Activities


Pattaya, a vibrant tourist city in Thailand, located just 150 km south of Bangkok along the Eastern Seaboard, offers a variety of transportation options for travelers seeking to embark on this exciting journey. Whether you prefer the convenience of buses, the comfort of taxis, or the leisurely experience of trains, there are numerous ways to reach Pattaya from Bangkok. Additionally, we will delve into the popular attractions and activities that await visitors in Pattaya, ensuring an unforgettable stay.

Getting from Bangkok to Pattaya by Bus

When traveling by bus, three major terminals in Bangkok provide convenient departure points: Sai Tai Mai (southern terminal), Morchit (northern terminal), and Ekkamai (eastern terminal). The latter two terminals are particularly advantageous due to their proximity to Pattaya. Buses depart throughout the day, and it is advisable to secure tickets promptly due to the high demand for this popular route. From Ekkamai, the journey takes approximately two to three hours, with the possibility of stops in Chonburi, Sri Racha, or Laem Chabang. Morchit terminal, located in the northern part of Bangkok, is easily accessible by a shuttle bus from Don Mueang airport. The duration of the trip from Morchit to Pattaya is also around three hours. Bus fares for both terminals are priced at THB 127, and upon arrival at the Northern bus station in Pattaya, transportation options such as songthaews, motorbike taxis, and regular taxis are readily available for further travel within the city.

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Exploring the Train Option

Although less common, traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya by train is feasible. Train #283 departs from Bangkok at 6:55 am and arrives in Pattaya at 10:34 am. While the journey takes approximately four hours, the experience may not offer breathtaking views. However, it presents an opportunity for people-watching amidst a diverse mix of fellow travelers. The Huay Yai train station stands out as one of the more picturesque stops along the route. Moreover, train tickets are reasonably priced, making this an economical choice for those seeking an alternative transportation experience.

Opting for a Taxi Ride

For travelers with substantial luggage or larger groups, a taxi ride from Bangkok to Pattaya provides a convenient door-to-door option. Glassflower and PGS are highly recommended taxi companies that prioritize passenger safety and offer comfortable vehicles at reasonable rates. Glassflower offers a choice of three-passenger cars starting from THB 1,700, while PGS provides a Toyota Camry option for three passengers at THB 2,200 and a roomier Toyota Commuter that accommodates up to nine passengers at THB 2,530. These all-inclusive rates ensure a hassle-free journey lasting approximately three hours, depending on the starting point in Bangkok.


Direct Transfer from Suvarnabhumi Airport

Passengers arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport can conveniently travel directly to Pattaya without the need to visit Bangkok’s bus terminals. Bell Travel operates buses from the lower level of the airport near gate 8, offering a comfortable journey on their VIP24 buses. Departures occur every two hours from 8 am to 6 pm, with the entire trip lasting approximately two hours. Tickets can be purchased on-site, but due to the route’s popularity, it is advisable to book in advance. The fare for pre-booked tickets is THB 272. Magic Point, a nearby canteen, presents an excellent opportunity to indulge in delectable Thai cuisine at affordable prices before embarking on the journey.

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Discovering Pattaya’s Attractions and Activities

Pattaya, once notorious for its red light districts and vibrant nightlife, has transformed into a diverse tourist city catering to various interests. While it may not boast unique landmarks, the city’s lively atmosphere captivates visitors. Delight in authentic international cuisine offered at astonishingly affordable prices, explore modern shopping malls, or venture into colorful night markets. Pattaya also provides access to nearby islands, offering an idyllic escape to paradise. Additionally, a range of family-oriented attractions ensures that Pattaya remains a favored destination among both international and local tourists.



Traveling from Bangkok to Pattaya presents an array of transportation options, including buses, trains, and taxis, ensuring a smooth journey for every traveler. Once in Pattaya, the city’s festive ambiance, diverse dining options, and vibrant attractions promise an unforgettable experience. Whether indulging in the world-famous Walking Street, enjoying panoramic city views from View Point Hill, exploring Khao Khew Open Zoo, relaxing on the beautiful Koh Larn island, or savoring fresh seafood in Bang Saray, Pattaya offers an enticing mix of entertainment and leisure activities.