“Pho” is typical dishes and very famous in Vietnam. Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam, can also be considered one of the most typical dishes for the culinary Vietnam. Every tourist that visit Vietnam, also want to try Pho at least once


Pho originated from North Vietnam invaded South Central and the mid-1950s, after the defeat of the French in Indochina and Vietnam was divided into two zones.

Vietnam who migrated north to south in 1954 to bring pho noodle soup and began to have differences. From this point, conflicting opinions about the origin of pho appeared. Some of them made the point that pho derived from the processing method of the French stew (pot-au-feu, read as “bonnet automotive euphoria”).

The presence of the French in Vietnam probably reinforce this argument, but the spicy noodles and coriander originating from Asia, especially Vietnam, has rejected them. The arrival of foreign to political refugees of the Vietnam in the period after the Vietnam War made noodle known in many parts of the world, especially the Western countries.


There have been many pho restaurants in the US, France, Australia and Canada. Vietnam Those ineligible for political asylum pho to Soviet bloc countries, including Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic. Today, pho has processing methods and different flavors.

In Vietnam, there are names to distinguish them is: Pho Bac (North), Pho Hue (in Central) and Pho Saigon (in the south). Typically, northern noodles characterized by longer salty, the sweet southern and vegetables. Noodle smaller southern North. Tourists visit Vietnam will have chance to taste many version of Pho



Previously, only full-cooked beef noodle soup “cooked-corn-encrusted-bucket”, later, diners accepts re noodle, chicken noodle soup. Going further, there are restaurants experiment with both meat duck. There also some cuisine from traditional materials such as pho noodle rolls, noodle type appeared in the 1970s as pho fried, the fried noodle 1980s.

Nowadays, Pho becomes the most popular Vietnam dishes not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Every tourist that visit Vietnam, also want to try Pho at least once