Singapore is a multiracial country should have a lot of mixed cultural background, making the soil becomes more colorful about the festival or tradition from other countries gathered here. More particularly on holidays not only the people in Singapore to attend the festival which attracted many tourists to visit Singapore see the festival night and explore this small country.


1.Vu Lan festival


The festival is held on July 15 Lunar calendar: this is the day the Vu Lan festival, Vu Lan Festival is a traditional festival of the Buddhists are held almost every country has a tradition religion Buddha such as Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, India…

Especially Vu Lan festival held in Singapore is quite unique to be held very monumental, in the heart of Singapore on holidays people re-focused worship incense and puppet performances, opera, music, .. well worth a look. The area is often held territories: Chinatown, Redhill and Geylang.


2.Mid-Autumn Festival



Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15 Lunar calendar, this is the traditional holiday of the Chinese people, mid-autumn festival, also known as children’s day, so children are always looking forward to this day every year, because to this day the children receive gifts from adults, these gifts are pleased lamp, turning lamp, water guns, … and the delicious moon cakes.

In Singapore it is often held dragon dance, lion dance, dragon dance to delight the children have fun. Flooded street lanterns hung across the road highlighted a stretch of road, especially China Town area they held a lot of fun activities to attract children’s filthy. Tourist visit Singapore in this time will have chance to enjoy the full moon


3.Buddha’s Birthday celebration



Buddha’s Birthday also known as Vesak is celebrated on April 15 Lunar: this day of remembrance for the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha is the day of joy, purity and contemplation .

Buddhist devotees are gathered in different temples in the early morning ceremony. In these days the Buddhists usually do: prayer, fasting, reporter born and “shower” for Buddha. It is conceived as blessed on those days will be blessed many times over. Vesak festival attracted thousands of participants especially for international travelers.

These are some popular tradition festival that tourist should join in when visit Singapore