Russian markets is destination that not to be missed when visit Phnom Penh


Russian markets is located in the south of the city of Phnom Penh, the Russian market or Toul Tom Poung Psah is a pretty crowded market and bustle, attracted many tourists to shop and take pictures.

Although Cambodia was the French occupation, but in the 80s of last century, many Russians to work and live in Phnom Penh just prefer to shop at this market, so called Russian export market out from there. You can find countless items such as food to the Russian market, motorcycle accessories, clothing, cosmetics, …

Currently, the Russian market became the favorite destinations for tourists when visit Phnom Penh



The most ideal way to visit the Russian market is putting away the tourist guidebook into backpacks and  freedom to explore their own way fair, stalls everyone liked what you had to see the delight on.

Interestingly the Russian market is the address where shopping becomes both locals and tourists. In particular, the market is divided into several zones each of which sells various items, after a while sightseeing sure you will be impressed with the vast space of the market.

Due to the diversity in the number of goods before you buy so any items you should consult with many stalls selling such products and of course do not forget to haggle to buy the goods at the best possible price . For those addicted to shopping tourists, the Russian market will delight you with the stalls of clothing, accessories, located close together from the beginning until the end of the market.



For male tourist, the stalls that sells motorcycle parts is attractiveness. Most local people usually buy individually different kinds of parts for assembly into a motorcycle. After walking for a ring, you can “recharge” with regional delicacies in between or outside the market with extremely affordable price.

In addition to clothing, food and spare parts for motorcycles, still plenty of things you can find in the Russian market. Ideally visitors should spend between 1-2 hours to explore this vibrant market.

The most ideal time to visit the market visit Phnom Penh you should be in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat of the weather. It is a wonderful time for tourist when visit Phnom Penh