Manila is the capital of the Philippines with thousands of shrines, towers with national culture, attracting thousands of visitors from around the world come to visit Philippines every year


Manila Bay is a bay which is located in the western part of Metro Manila. This bay has a total area of 2,000 km². Currently, marine Manila Bay holds a very important position in the system of trade and industry of the Philippines, including the fisheries sector is also a popular resort center in Manila.

It attracts thousands of visitors to order cheap airline tickets to visiting scenic Manila Bay when they visit Philippines.We can say natural Manila Bay was extremely favorably when granted for this bay a beautiful coastline with 190 km length. Around  Manila Bay is a vast ocean, untouched.


Manila Bay stretches with smooth sand under vast skies, immense prints on the blue sea, cool. Booking flights to visit Philippines and Manila, you have the opportunity to explore the ocean experience by diving deep into the sea to watch the colorful fish and thousands tandem coral blooming, creating an optical ocean brilliant, wonderful.

Also, with concrete roads extends the coast, travelers will enjoy feeling extremely relaxed as he strolled around the bay at the sea shore at dawn under the first rays of the sun warm day, or immersed in the context of the sunset, the rays revealed late on the far horizon.


Manila Bay is a great destination when visit Philippines because it also owns the best series of rolling hills. Besides the vast plateau, white waterfalls and dreamy beautiful islands. Typical is the radiant beauty of the island of Corregidor. This is one of the island brought by the gentle beauty of peace, tranquility along with diverse ecosystems, flora and fauna richness with full assortments.

There are many lakes surrounding the area, the winding, curving gracefully made their attractiveness and charm to the island of Corregidor. Coming here, you will be walking the vast grasslands, immersed in the cool breezes and not only ecstatic at the sight of the deer, jungle fowl, with birds and all other animals are leisurely with his duties