Myanmar is known for hundreds, thousands of famous sacred temple. If you visit Myanmar and  you do not know where to go in numerous beauty here, one of the famous temples in Myanmar is Kyaiktiyo – it has a amazing Golden Rock.


Distance from the rest stop in the town of Kyaiktiyo to Golden Rock to move in a special media types such as trucks. From ordinary citizens, visitors to the monk important virtues still have ambitions to the summit by sitting on the roof, on the container, even clinging to the side of both the old truck to pass higher Kyaiktiyo 700m of the mountain.

When is 700m away, visitors can walk the remaining notes his journey. when visit Myanmar,tourist can also choose a special service only person here that’s procession up the mountain. The reason for this service is by the way the rest of it, though not far, but the slope is quite large, with many visitors making ramp healthy either have to sweat.

There were so many people give up halfway because not enough. But those who have to get to the place will find it is a great achievement. You will be witnessing a beautiful tourist destination that nature presents.



Golden Rock sacred rocks lay there on a rock protruding others through 2,000 years of history. The rock is adjacent to the edge of the mountain, at first glance feels stacker is falling at any time. On top of a church tower has placed as high as 7.3m. Golden Rock famous by the incredible protruding, exposed portion mere mountains around 78cm square and rock surface covered in gold by the pilgrims Buddhist ceremony.

Kyaiktiyo Pagoda was started up in the year 574 BC and is considered one of the wonders of the golden temple country, and also is one of the most ideal destination for travelers when visit Myanmar.



According to local story, Buddha in a time down to a hair donated to the hermit tenTeikthadharma Thiriraza. This hermit keeping careful Buddha’s hair. Before he died, he gave this hair for adoption is king Tissa, ruled Myanmar eleventh century, the dying words: “Keep all these relics of a rock shaped like your head solitaire”. Goladen rock is a amzing place that you have to go when visit Myanmar