Malaysia is a attractive destination for all tourist. These are 9 wonderful check-in places that you can ignore  when you visit Malaysia

4.Tioman Island

The famous Tioman island is in the Mersing town, Johor state, Malaysia. It was once voted by Time magazine as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Despite being one of the most developed island of Malaysia, Tioman still retains its natural beauty and diversity of wildlife species. The island is surrounded by coral reefs, this place is an ideal destination for tourists who love diving when travel to Malaysia

According to  local fairy tal, there was a beautiful dragon princess that flew to Temasek in  South China Sea to marry a dragon prince. However, when she flew through a sparkling blue waters, dragon princess stopped to rest and she was so impressed with the natural beauty of this place, dragon princess was transformed into the island Tioman to base for those who want to admire the natural beauty was miraculous.

5.Cameron Highlands

If you want to escape from the heat, the Cameron Highlands is located on the Titiwangsa mountain range would be the good place for you.

Cameron Highlands is a district in the province of Pahang, it is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters and it takes over 4 hours by bus from Kuala Lumpur.

Cameron Highlands is one of the largest hills of Malaysia, and is a tourist destination with a long life. Cameron is known for the trails will lead you through the vast forest patches, to waterfalls and other tranquil destination. When you visit Cameron Highlands, you will have the opportunity to see many British architectural style.

Cameron Highlands is a wonderful destination that you can ignore when you visit Malaysia


Langkawi archipelago consists of 99 islands located in the Andaman Sea. There are wonderful beaches, luxury travel destinations and activities that associated with nature. Highlights of Langkawi’s most spectacular are natural space with exposed limestone cave between a green rainforest. From there, visitors can take a boat through the mangroves or enjoy the thrill when feeding for the eagle , exploring the rainforest or make a trip through the forest