When you visit Laos, you cannot ignore Bokeo Nature Reserve, It is called hidden paradise of Laos


Bokeo province is located in northwestern Laos. is the capital of Bokeo Province Ban Houayxay bordering Thailand’s Chiang Khong on the Mekong. According to Laos language, Laos Bokeo means emerald mines. This province is separated from Luang Pranbang in 1983. It has large reserves of precious stones, and perhaps so that such names.

Tourists visit Laos and Bokeo not only admire the beauty of these gems, but natural and idyllic beauty of its pristine attractive rare tourists footsteps.

Bokeo Nature Reserve was established in 2004 with the mission to preserve 123,000 hectares of primary rainforest. This forest is a place of rare biodiversity with animals such as tigers, bears, elephants, chimpanzees, buffalo … and many birds and insects are born song.The tourists arrive to the land of the immense, majestic with small houses fascination lies in the treetops. In Bokeo, visitors will experience the swing moving cables to the tree house or experience unsteady on monkey bridges.



The main focal point is located in the unspoiled completely different places made Bokeo extremely attracted the attention of visitors. the section Bokeo Nature Reserve is planned for use in people cultivating and landing a part devoted to tourism and protection.The operating natural sanctuary is Bokeo Gibbon Experience the resort, get permission from the government of Laos in 2007.

They travel operators calendar direction to preserve nature, creating jobs for local workers, indigenous peoples support sustainable agricultural development. This is a model for eco-tourism in the form of nature, explore and protect the environment when visit Laos



When you start the journey, you will have to walk through the primeval forest before reaching the rest stations. Because tropical jungle to thousands of hectares, you will have to follow the tour guide and equipped the necessary tools . You will be observe yourself rich vegetation in the forest canopy with air each year around the wet and cool features, in Bokeo sanctuary, the rich ecosystem or the huge old trees is something never strange and rare.
This place will bring you new experience when you visit Laos