Cambodia is beautiful country and they are well known about amazing architectural temple, pagoda and tower. These tips will help you a lot when you visit Cambodia



In Cambodia, you should use the most convenient currency that is USD. The official money of Cambodia is Riel. Riel can also be used but if you have to find bank or exchange shop to exchange to riel



Time to visit Cambodia

Cambodia has 2 season: rainy and sunny. However, the hot climate here more, so if you visit Cambodia you should avoid the sunlight month.


Clothes when you visit temple, pagoda

When you visit Cambodia, you cannot miss going to Siem Reap to the Angkor Wat temple, Angkor Thom, Bayon, … this place will make you amazed by the grandeur and splendor of it. You will have to take a few days to be able to go out this relic area. If you love the sea, then you definitely have to go Sihanouk ville with golden sand, blue sea, warm sunshine. Phnom Penh – Cambodia’s capital is also a good choice for visiting with gold temples, pagodas Silver, Imperial splendor



Accommodation and food

Cambodia is known for good food, weird, toxic from insects such as ants, spiders, scorpions, tomato stalks, bugs … all types are processed into foods full of nutrients. Often you will have to overcome the fear before and then savor the insects will become interesting and attractive.

Hotels in Cambodia is very diverse, you can easily be booked on agoda or TripAdvisor. The average price range of $ 15, you will have a fully-equipped room.


What need to be prepared before you go?

When you visit Cambodia, but you should be prepared extensively costumes, compact, lightweight soft shoe means for moving and prepare several sets of trousers and a tunic for the sights temples, mosquito spray is also a good idea to come here.

Because Cambodia is a country attaches great importance to cultural beliefs, you should note that the selection of appropriate attire, especially when participating places of worship such as temples, churches, … so dressed discreetly, especially the girls: best not to wear short-sleeved dresses, shorts, flippant