Myanmar people have a food culture tradition that so far they keep the culture in modern cuisine. Myanmar is an agricultural country with major crops are rice and Myanmar was once the largest rice exporter in the world. That attracts many tourist to visit Burma


Myanmar lies between two cultures so that not only the culture but the date of Myanmar cuisine both also deeply affected. During the colonial period the cultures of China and India have a huge impact on Myanmar’s cuisine makes its cuisine blended with the very innovative features.

In the era of liberalization and globalization of trade all the famous dishes in the world were present at this golden temple country but most people still appreciate Myanmar food culture of their own. That is why to this day the people of Myanmar retains the uniqueness of their traditional dishes.



In Myanmar commonly used types of tables are round and low, the diners have to sit on the floor or on the projector to enjoy the food, even if the table to shape international standards and to be able to use in all the restaurants, the family dining table and dining table should also have the size to be able to customers all the dishes on the table.

All the dishes are ready to better serve individual dishes and continuously, if the meal without appetizers along with wine, it also means the lack of hospitality at meals . What really expect is water or a cup of green tea. This makes tour interesting when visit Burma



When all the food was on the table diners can start eating by taking small parts in her bowl, usually Myanmar people eat with their fingers, but the dish still comes spoons to keep clean left hands separately for soup also shall be put in a large bowl and everyone will share together.

Dinner will particularly after meals when the Burmese people generally should leave a little new rice as a sign of desire. Rice and curry always eat together rather than separately, and the soup, you can eat whenever lobe everyone’s liking. At the end of the meal, diners will be dessert tea leaves with water, juice or green tea.

If you have chance to visit Burma, you should try their cuisine