“Pho” is typical dishes and very famous in Vietnam. Many international friends who make a Vietnam trip, love the noodle recipe cooked in its own unique flavor. Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam, can also be considered one of the most typical dishes for the culinary Vietnam.


Pho is the main component of noodles and broth (or broth in a way called the South) with beef or chicken sliced ​​thin. Also accompanying condiments such as soy sauce, pepper, lime juice, fish sauce, chili …

These spices are added depending on the taste of each user. Noodle dishes usually as eating breakfast in the morning or night, but in the big cities are enjoying dishes throughout the day.

The southern provinces of Vietnam and some other regions are displayed noodle plate table includes the herbs such as onions, the price and the coriander leaves, basil, coriander which is characteristic of pho leaves; however in Hanoi does not have this raw vegetables disc.



The tourist when have Vietnam trip will be surprised because of many version of Pho

Pho or beef noodle soup usually chicken, but sometimes there are other variations as pork noodle soup, shrimp soup, noodle frog, though without much success.

Noodle boiler water is usually water is used in security from beef bones (if housewives not much experience to deodorize the beef bones can be replaced with pork bone), devotees, together with many spices including cinnamon, salmon, grilled ginger, cardamom, cloves, coriander, roasted shallots.



Meat for beef pho (with all sorts of muscle, studded, made re bucket or ripe) or chicken (boiled old chicken, shredded meat for tasty fresh meat). “Noodle” is traditionally made from rice flour, coated with a thin sheet and cut into fiber. Pho always enjoy while still hot.

To get the pho is delicious depending heavily on the experience and know-how of the traditional processing, which is important especially water pot.

Currently pho has become famous around the world,you need not have a Vietnam trip, we can say in Korean as Pho is becoming one of the most favorite dishes, or in the US can easily find one at every noodle shop city…