When tourists have a trip to Vietnam, they also enjoy the various of Vietnam cuisine


Vietnam cuisine is invoking the method of cooking, seasoning mix principles and general eating habits of Vietnamese people in the country of Vietnam. But almost more or less difference, cuisine Vietnam has implied generalized to refer to all the dishes popular in the community of ethnic minorities but is relatively common in the human population Write.

Vietnam is an agricultural country of origin of the hot, tropical monsoon. Additionally Vietnam territory is divided into three regions is markedly North, Central and South. The main characteristics of geography, culture, ethnic, climate has defined specific characteristics of regional cuisine – domain. Each domain has a sharp, characteristic taste. That contributed to Vietnam culinary richness, diversity.


This is a cultural diet using lots of vegetables (boiled, fried, as melon, eaten raw); types of broths especially sour soup, while the number of dishes are often of animal nutrition less. The meats used most commonly pork, beef, chicken, geese, ducks, all kinds of shrimp, fish, crabs, snails, mussels, clams, oysters, etc. That attracts tourist when make a trip to Vietnam

The dishes prepared from the less common meats such as dog meat, goat meat, turtle, snake meat, turtle meat … the meat is often not the primary source, sometimes considered special and are only use of a certain festival occasions to drink wine together.

Vietnamese people also have a number of Buddhist vegetarian dishes made from plants, no food from animal sources. However, in the community, there is little vegetarian, only the monks in the temple or seriously ill people are forced to diet.



Thus in the system of Vietnamese cuisine with dishes at very picky, technical security as stewed Chinese cuisine, nor inclined furnished with high aesthetic level as Japanese cuisine, but in favor of coordination mixed spices in a subtle way to delicious dishes, or use the material toughness, brittle enjoy interesting though not really added fat.

In fact many people find a sensible way, featuring Vietnam exudes culinary recipe of the match with the culinary cultures of the world: Chinese food nutritious, delicious Vietnamese cuisine mouth, Japanese dishes look like eyes. However, this feature is increasingly faded during integration.

If you want to try something new, why don’t take a trip to Vietnam