If you want to have a trip to Thailand, these information will help you a lot


With an area of 514,000 km² (equivalent to the area of Vietnam plus Laos), Thailand ranked 49th in the world in terms of size, width Tuesday in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia and Myanmar.

Thailand is the common home of a number of different geographical regions, corresponding to the economic area. The northern mountainous terrain, with the highest point (2576 m) is Doi Inthanon.

Northeast of the Khorat Plateau natural border to the east is the Mekong River is the most cassava growing regions of Thailand due to the climate and soil suitable for cassava. The center of the country mainly Chao Phraya river delta flowing into the Gulf of Thailand. Kra Isthmus South is expanding toward the Malay Peninsula.


Thai culture deeply influenced by Buddhist ideas – religion was officially recognized as a religion in this country and from production depends on water. It can be seen clearly on the last two points of the festival. In behavioral culture, Thais clear piety, reverence and important royal hierarchy as well as their age

Thailand has a tropical monsoon climate and four distinct seasons: The dry season lasts from January to February, the hot season from March to May, the rainy season from June to October, the cool season from November to March 12. in it rains most (90%) occurred in the rainy season. The average temperature is from 32⁰C to 35⁰C up to December and in April every year. You should notice this when have a trip to Thailand



Thailand has a population of 62 million with 80% are Thai, 10% Chinese and 4% Malays, together with ethnic Lao, Mon, Khmer, and India. The ethnic diversity suggests this country for so long been an important intersection in Southeast Asia. Thai people are friendly and tolerant with great reverence for the Buddhist faith.

Tourists which have trip to Thailand  often don’t understand Thai. However, English is widely used, particularly in Bangkok where it is almost the major commercial language. Most hotels, stores and restaurants in the main tourist attraction are using English or several European languages and the directions in both Thai and English are everywhere around country.