Singaporean cuisine is an expression of the ethnic diversity of the culture of Singapore is derived from Malaysia, is a product of centuries of cultural interaction by the strategic location of Singapore. Cuisine is a Singapore attraction when tourist have trip to Singapore


Singapore cuisine is affected by the culinary traditions of indigenous Malays, the Chinese dominate, Indonesian, Indian, Peranakan, the West. Influence from other areas such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Middle East exists in the local culinary culture. This help tourist that have a trip to Singapore can enjoy familiar food

Most processed foods most people eat outside your house at hawker centers or in the dining area in the buildings, examples of which include the culinary center and Lau Pa Sat Newton Food Centre, rather than in restaurants.


This is due to the outdoor dining area of ​​Singapore which serves a large variety of dishes, food ranging from Malay, Thai, Indian, Western, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam cuisine. The hawker center is plentiful and affordable.

In Singapore, the food is considered very important to the national identity and unity a cultural theme. Food is a frequent topic of conversation among Singaporeans. Strict diet religion still exists; Muslims do not eat pork and Hindus do not eat beef, and it also has a large group of vegetarians.

People from different communities often eat together, while having different food culture, they chose the dishes for everyone can eat together. There are also several restaurants serving halal Muslim food preferences.

Along with the major shopping, dining Singapore Singapore Tourism Board is seen as a feature to attract tourists to Singapore. Government organizations Singapore Food Festival in July to celebrate Singapore’s cuisine.



Because Singapore is a small country with a high population density, land is a scarce resource for industrial purposes and housing. Most of the component products and foodstuffs are imported, although there is a small group of local farmers have produced some green leafy vegetables, fruits, poultry and fish.

Singapore geographical location of its connection with air and sea transport and thus allow large island nation imports a wide range of food ingredients from around the world, including the expensive seafood items

When you have a trip to Singapore, you should try the cuisine