Yangon is a famous tourism destination of Myanmar. These are some useful experiences that can help you when travel to Yangon


Yangon has many temples, including the Shwedagon – Golden Temple is the best place to visit. The temple is located on a small hill, covered in gold around the stupa. In the temple there are hundreds of Buddha statues and the altar to worship. One of the interesting angle is the place “fan for Buddha”, when his heart something negativity, anger makes just pull wire overhead fans waving statue, angrily waved all of his life.

The museum displays the temple’s site where you can view close-studded pennant leaves a lot of diamonds, rubies, gold rings … show the sincerity of Myanmar Buddhists.


The most appropriate time to Shwedagon is the afternoon, when the sun sets slowly and stupas still does not change color, light up bright yellow color. The day has Buddhist offerings to the oil, you can jointly lit a lamp in the night thousands of, sitting relaxed in a corner somewhere to forget all the fatigue of everyday life and the air rush outside other.

Sometimes there are some monks Myanmar or will to actively start talking to you, he will be one of those who wish to apply for gratuity because they shared information, so you need not to their strict and extortion .

The food in Yangon curb hard to resist delicious, especially meat and heart skewers. You can eat comfortably as you like, such as meat, liver, eggs, grilled quail, heart, stomach, pork, beef and a valuable tree just 5-10 kyat. Anytime you can also sit roadside tea, milk tea is also delicious. It will be a amazing experience when travel to Yangon



For lunch, dinner in Yangon you can visit any public canteen, with many dishes very interesting as meat, fish, shrimp stock, but somewhat smelly spices like cinnamon recovery.

The cheapest rooms in Yangon from 5-8 USD for a room in shared dorm types, 10-20 USD for a double room. Some hostels familiar and relatively prestigious Golden Smile Inn, Guest House Okinawa, Tokyo Guest House, Yangon YMCA.

Moving around the city is quite interesting with the bus (fare 200kyat) or truck (200 kyat fare) and you can travel to Yangon easily. You can ask the neglect and driving skills before they can speak English quite basic.