Cultural background of the Philippines based on the cultural traditions of many indigenous groups in the region. Tourist will be surprise if this is the first time they travel to the Philippines


However, it was heavily influenced by the culture of the Chinese, Spaniards, Americans, and other cultures, though in a smaller degree. Spanish influence on Filipino culture, derived from the Mexican culture and Spanish culture, is the result of more than three hundred years of the colonial government. The Spanish influence that is still seen in the customary manner and the news related to suspected Christian churches, especially during religious festivals.



Every year, Filipinos from all over the country held festivals called Barrio Fiesta to commemorate the patron saint for cities, villages and regions. Festive season is celebrated with a church holiday, street parades in honor of the patron saint, the fireworks competitions, beauty and dancing, and competitions cockfighting. This is the wonderful time for tourist to travel to the Philippines



However, the most obvious legacy of Spain is the popularity of Spanish surnames of Filipinos. This distinctive feature is unique among the nations of Asia, as a result of a decree of colonialism on their classification, and application systems Spanish name for the Philippine people.

Chinese influence on Philippine culture can be clearly seen in the country’s cuisine, its effect is very comprehensive. The popularity of these kinds of noodles, known in the local dialect is mami, as well as other foods such as meat dishes are a clear evidence of the origin of China. Other influences include some name borrowed from Chinese origin.

US cultural influence to the Philippines only began more than a century. Biggest legacy is the widespread use of English to communicate. The basketball is the most popular sport in country. There are also a number of other American cultural trends emerging as favorite fast food .

In the Philippines, there are many fast-food stands, and besides US big brand McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, KFC, shops selling fast food in the country is well developed including Jollibee, Greenwich Pizza and Chowking. This help tourist various choice of eating when travel to the Philippines