Thailand attracts millions of tourists every year Thailand. Not only tourists are attracted by the ideal tourist destination, the beautiful green island, the amazing food that Thailand also attracted tourists by the boisterous carnival colorful place throughout the year when they travel to Thailand. The biggest festival in year of Thailand is Songkran Festival


Thailand people calls the New Year’s traditional days by Songkran. New Year’s Day was held on April 13-15 to welcome the new year.

From Songkran comes from Sanskrit, meaning “at the time shift, the sun away from the region to region Zodiac Taurus in the universe”, people celebrate the birth of the Buddha with the spray water on each other to wash away sorrow celebrate the new year. Travel to Thailand in this time, tourist will have chance to see many amazing things


In the early morning ceremony, Thais traditionally bring flowers and offerings of food to the temple lectures and lined up in order of monks holding twigs wait splash meaning blessed with blessings, good luck to everyone .

Then they will fill many a sand stupa in the temple, flag ceremony and flowers to celebrate that event. Then all the streets main, using all: water pumps, buckets, pots, especially to scoop water gun, fell, spraying each other with water.

According to the Thai people, who are falling concepts in many countries who are unlucky will last, fortune all year, so everyone tries to display fall fun. Whether there are other color, but do not understand the voice over here people seem to engage with each other, express friendship, cordially warmly. Legend has it, splashing Festival is the grace of goodness of so many people so far in spite of the many expatriates who are looking for child attend.



In addition to falling into water, during the festival, there are many parades, beauty contests are held. In addition, we also cook traditional dishes and wear colorful costumes. Songkran Festival is a pattern typical for traditional Thai festival, to help this country become a mecca and tourist resorts.

If you have chance to travel to Thailand, you should not miss festival. It is the happiest time in year of Thailand people