If you need a new or mysterious country to discover, you should travel to Myanmar – a whole new experience for tourist


Myanmar is officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, as a sovereign state in Southeast Asia has borders with Bangladesh, India, China, Laos and Thailand. One-third of Burma’s perimeter is coastline bordering with the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. According to demographic survey data in 2015, Myanmar has 52 million inhabitants. Myanmar has an area of 676 578 km². The capital city is Naypyidaw and the largest city is Yangon

Myanmar is the largest country in mainland Southeast Asia, and is the 40th largest country in the world. It is slightly smaller than the Texas state of USA and bigger than Afghanistan.The terrain of Myanmar includes  coastal areas and plain in central.



Myanmar is divided into 7 states and 7 administrative regions. Bamar is the largest region. The states, in essence is the habitable zone of a particular ethnicity. The department is subdivided into cities, regions and villages. The largest city is divided into districts.

Myanmar’s state and regions divided into districts (kayaing). Shan State is a state of many districts as possible. The Chin State, Mon State and Kayah states have only two districts each state

Myanmar has monsoon climate with three main seasons. The hottest period is between February and May, with little or no rain. Wet season is from May to October, with cold and dry weather is from October to February. Travelers should wear light cotton clothes hanger and towel when travel to Myanmar. During the rainy season, tourists should bring an umbrella or raincoat when going out and dress warmer in winter and the evenings.



The currency of Myanmar is Kyat. They only accept cash payment in US dollars at the spot to buy tickets in the tourist city of Myanmar. The tourist should exchange the currency when travel to Myanmar.

Myanmar culture significantly influenced by Buddhism. The next countries like India, China and Thailand played a huge role should contribute to the cultural formation of Myanmar.

Therefore, if you have chance,you should travel to Myanmar