Jakarta is considered the shopping paradise of the most amazing big and Indonesia to set the busy commercial center and the exciting market … When you travel to Jakarta, Indonesia, where quality shopping, cheap, plentiful? Here are shopping ideal address for tourist when visit “thousand island country” Indonesia


1.Plaza Indonesia


One of the center, addresses the most ideal shopping Jakarta, Indonesia for the branded believers. Plaza Indonesia sits just below the Grand Hyatt, owns hundreds of stalls of clothing, cosmetics, jewelry to souvenirs, books, flowers, drugs and furnishing …

You can find so many famous fashion brands such as Milano, Guuci or Versace here. Special trade center should go shopping while traveling Jakarta, Indonesia also has agents all tourism service providers and high-end restaurants.


2.Blok M shopping district


If you do not know where to shop when travel to Jakarta, look to Blok M. shopping. This is a lot of people look up to the most, not only 3 major trading centers , Blok M also has hundreds of shops from budget to high-end of the price can be acceptable.

A special feature of the Blok M shopping after sightseeing, shopping is done you can look at Cinema 21 to watch movies or go to the restaurants to enjoy culinary Jakarta, Indonesia or snack with prices fairly soft. In the evening you can also visit the bar or coffee shop to enjoy the nightlife in Jakarta.



3.Senayan Mall Plaza


Adding an ideal shopping address, stayed could not travel until Jakarta, Indonesia, Plaza Senayan mall’s senior center located in Jakarta. You can easily move up to here by car or public transport.

This shopping mall is divided into three distinct stories, each floor sells various commodity groups: Level 1 is the gathering place of the diverse types of stores, from budget to luxury; Level 2 is the place dedicated to the fashion shops and the 3rd floor is where the focus of the dining outlets and entertainment.

These shopping center will help you save time and you can find cheap and unique souvenir when travel to Jakarta