Jakarta is a colorful city, attracts tourists by their opposite traits. Besides the high-rise buildings, with lots of shopping malls and streets are always crowded dining out at a Jakarta hotel quaint, charming churches of Islam, and the Old Town Quarter. These are some famous places that you can visit when travel to Jakarta Indonesia


1.Monas – National Monument



Jakarta Monas is a famous icon of Indonesia country that you can not ignore your trip. Best time to visit the monument at dusk, as the sun slowly sink into the red from the top of the monument and slowly disappeared on the horizon. In addition to the ruins, you can also find the National History Museum in the area around Monas. In this museum has many precious documents about the history of Indonesia.

Memorial and Museum is open daily from 08:00 to 15:00 on all weekdays except 2nd last week of the month for cleaning and renovations. It’s free so you should visit it when travel to Jakarta Indonesia


2.Taman Mini Indonesia Indah



Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, also called TMII is the largest amusement park of Jakarta. TMII is like a microcosm of Indonesia, where visitors can learn about the culture, art, traditional crafts and plenty of entertainment attractions.

Park TMII is a complex including parks Fantasy World (amusement park), Atlantis Water Adventure (Water Park), Ocean Dream Samudra (stage circus circus animals and dolphins), Seaworld, the Art Market ( exhibiting and selling handicrafts from all provinces across the country), in addition to the display area artwork, golf, outdoor playground … is open 24 hours a day.


3.Istiqlal Mosque



Istiqlal mosque is the largest in Indonesia, located next to the Merdeka Square, was built to commemorate the Independence Day of Indonesia (in Arabic Istiqlal means independence).

Buildings were built in the New Gothic architecture and was named the Taj Mahal a stand opposite the Sagrada Familia. In the beliefs of the indigenous people, the mosque takes on a crucial significance symbolizes tolerance, harmony and desire for the good things in life.

These are some famous places that the tourist also  visit when they travel to Jakarta Indonesia