If you want some new experience when travel to Burma, why don’t visit Yangon


Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar (formerly Burma) with a population of 5.082 million (2014). The city lies at the confluence of Yangon and Bago River, 30 km from the Gulf of Martaban. Coordinates of Yangon is 16 ° 48 ‘north latitude, 96 ° 09’ east longitude (16.8, 96.15), in the time zone UTC / GMT +6: 30 h.

November 2005, the Council of Myanmar military administration has decided to move the capital from Yangon to Naypyidaw Mandalay province. Naypyidaw officially became the new capital of Myanmar since March 26, 2006.


Compared to other major cities in Southeast Asia, Yangon is relatively undeveloped. The construction boom is largely due to foreign investments from China and Singapore. Many commercial buildings and houses have been built in the city center. Yangon has many colonial buildings in East Asia today.

Yangon is the combination of two words: Yan (the enemies) and Koun (escape). Yangon is a member of the system of 21 major cities in Asia.

The city is divided into 32 Yangon township. Satellite towns are not counted in the administrative unit type nay.Yangon equatorial climate with monsoon. According to climate classification system Koppen.Ngon official language is English Myanmar. English is the educated elderly or widely used in the inner. University of Yangon with Myanmar’s oldest (founded in 1920). Two of the four medical institutes located in this city.



Yangon is Myanmar’s economic center. Most import and export from Yangon. In 2004, the government has allowed the Company to develop export processing zones Jingqiao Shanghai (Shanghai Jinqiao) plans to deploy up the largest Special Economic Zone in Thanlying Myama Township near Thilawa port. Planning has been completed in 2006 but not yet approved

When travel to Burma and Yangon, tourist can go International Airport from the city center 19 km. The bus is always crowded visitors. Rail system to the northern provinces radiate Myama. The government often restrict car imports. Thus, the black market offers new cars and used cars from Thailand and China.

Petrol also be distributed according to the standard and also the black market gasoline level. The motorcyclists in the city are illegal. Yangon is popular destination when travel to Burma