Singapore is a small country, but the transport system is extremely convenient, adequate and relatively low costs compared to their income. Public transport system in Singapore is fast and effective and will satisfy you the most to the place. When you travel Singapore,this review will help you a lot





Singapore’s MRT system (mass rapid transit – shipped fast, high volume) is probably the fastest way to travel around the city. Singapore’s MRT has extensive rail network to most of Singapore’s key points places and tourist can walk from the subway station easily.

You can buy tickets in turn 1, but if you intend to use the subway and basic bus services regularly for a long time, you can buy a ticket for long-term visitors to travel Singapore



Taxi is comfortable and especially handy if you want to go to these places which you cannot go by bus or subway. On the taxi,there is always meter of charge, but there may be surcharges depending on when, where and taxi firms. You can require driver to give the surcharge invoice details after the trip.



You can catch a taxi on the curb in most places, either by taxi queue at fixed points before most of the shopping malls, hotels and attractive tourist destination. If you want to book a taxi, you can call regular taxi card numbers, calling (6342-5222), and your call will be routed to the call center of an available taxi company.

However the tourists are not advised to take this means of transportation when travel Singapore



Singapore’s bus system consists of an extensive network of routes covering most parts of Singapore and it is the most economical way to go around, as well as one of the means to make guests scenery



You can pay your bus fare by using EZ-Link card, travel Singapore card. You put the card onto the card reader located next to the driver as you up, then swipe your card again , on a reader located at the rear exit when you get off. You can also pay by cash but you need to have enough change.