When tourists travel Philippines they have many activities to join. Philippine has many colorful festivals that tourist can visit

Because of the influence of a very special culture mix between Spain, China and the United States, and subject to a long dominance of the Spanish so today, the festival culture is heavily influenced Philippines most styles from Spain, notably through the customs and rituals related to the Catholic church.

Each festival in the Philippines are giving visitors a different perspective on this country, as well as the culture here. The festival is an ingenious mix between tradition and modernity, creating strange charisma, always busy people attended, including local visitors and foreign tourists.

Pintados Festival


Along with the festival Sangyaw, Pintados-Kasadyaan Festival takes place every year in June in the city of Tacloban – the city is not only the economic center of the region and is one of the fastest growing cities in the Philippines.
The most exciting activity at Pintados Festival to mention the traditional celebrations and religious culture of the city, introducing local talent, creativity and fun with activities parades, dancing streets and competitions.

Kadayawan Festival


Kadayawan Festival is an annual festival on the 3rd week of August in the city of Davao, Philippines. Its name is derived from the friendly greeting “Madayaw” from Dabawenyo word “dayaw”, that is good, valuable, high or beautiful.
The festival is a celebration for the beautiful life, a Thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the result of harvest and serenity of the Assembly MassKara song

MassKara Festival


MassKara Festival – the festival of smiles place in October every year in the city of Bacolod, Visayas Islands, Philippines. MassKara name is a combination of the English word “mass” – many people and Spanish “cara” – surface. So MassKara means “a lot of smiling faces.” This explains the highlights of the festival is the mask with a big smile.

Today, MassKara Festival has become one of the most important festivals of the Philippines, attracting many locals as well as tourists to attend.