Hung King Festival is a one of famous festival in Vietnam that attract tourist travel to Vietnam. This is a traditional festival of Kinh folk to commemorate the establishment merits country of Hung King.


Traditional ceremony is held every year on March 10 st in lunar year at Hung King Temple, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province but the Vietnamese people inside and outside the country are celebrating.

At the Hung Temple festival held every year the contest procession of the surrounding villages. With the arrival of the procession lavish carnival atmosphere that becomes more bustling jubilantly. The type of the village to gather in front of a few days to be up with the competition.

If any type of exam won first prize this year, the coming of the Assembly next year on behalf of the remaining deck of procession, the procession to the Upper Temple court to celebrate a national holiday. So, what type it won the first prize is the pride and honor of the villagers was great. Because they said, was the Hung Kings and gods bless luck, human condition, material prosperity…


Travel to Vietnam in this festival time, tourist will enjoy the delicious taste of sticky rice cake- a traditional cake of Vietnam

However, to get the procession of gorgeous palanquin deck to prepare meticulously and thoughtful before. The hardship of the villagers urged them to overcome to reach the noble and sacred ancestors towards the race.

It is the spiritual life of the people, expressed through a form clear cultural activities, traditional folk beliefs with the public nature par plus deeply felt. Folk cultural activities were the indispensable needs for village communities residing around the Hung King Temple.



Around the foothills region is the shows Hung and traditional folk games, lively place, a lot of participants as the game throws cone, seesaw, animal head, cock fighting … The chess game, and the shrimp whore who is the favorite seniors.

And boys and girls clustered in clusters, clustered on the hill there are three funding for theater, military drums or sing sing repartee delivered coast … Evening organized to sing opera, opera at the door of Down Temple or Wells Temple

When tourist travel to Vietnam, they should join in this festival