One of the festivals most macabre and horror of Thais are Vegetarian Festival, a festival was held in September about the lunar calendar and every tourist also want to join in this festival when travel to Thailand


Thai people believe that they only need to adhere to strict vegetarian diet and performed the sacred rites of this feast, the eternal emperor gives them the purity of body and soul as well as the original found blessing for them. Vegetarian Festival called on people not to eat meat, nor the use of stimulants to get better health and get the peace of mind, peace of mind.

During the festival, families in Phuket will make the traditional dishes of the country of Thailand as lontong, lemang, satay, rendang, ketupat rice cake, tart pineapple … They will bring the cakes were this brought ready-made to entertain friends and relatives to mark the completion of a spiritual ritual and tighten friendship.


One of the activities during the festival make guests travel to Thailand to explore terrified shudder as “ritual mortification.” For Thai people, this is a must perform rituals to pray to their gods, they believed that the gods would protect them from physical harm. They have to do things like: walking barefoot over hot coals, use sharp objects to cross up through the body, or a knife through the cheek …

Although Vegetarian Festival festival has caused some physical damage to the people of Thailand, but this country remains one of the exciting festival is held every year by the people of this country, to attract customers hundred million visitors a year that travel to Thailand.



Some features of the festival are the traditional dishes such as rendang, lontong, satay, rice cakes ketupat, lemang, biscuits and pineapple tarts prepared for a party with family and friends to the left Thank each other, marked the completion of a spiritual obligation and tighten friendship.

Although the origin of the festival is not really clear, but people always remember it as being held in Phuket, Thailand. During this time, they adhere to a strict vegetarian diet and pray eternal emperor to pray for the purification of mind and body.

If you have chance, you should travel to Thailand to enjoy this festival