Myanmar is still Mysterious land for tourist. These are some reasons that you should travel in Myanmar


Mysterious land for tourist

What the most tourists enjoy when travel in Myanmar is to admire the beauty of the temple of nostalgic, streets and feel the peace. Although in recent years, Myanmar has begun to open to tourists, but this country is not yet a strong focus on tourism should come here, visitors will have felt like I was the first in other areas to explore a mysterious place full of such things. Besides, Myanmar Tourism is also a lot of well-known travel magazine voted the destinations that tourists prefer to go dust cannot be ignored


Sunrise and sunset unlike anywhere

When tourist travel to Myanmar, the most famous place for you to watch the sunset was the Ubein bridge picturesque ancient village in Amarapura (considered the longest teak bridge in the world), a scene where the most brilliant sunset on the world. Bagan also would be the ideal for you to welcome the first rays of the sun during the day.


Discover the country with more than 2,000 temples

With a repertoire of massive Buddhist temple, built by the Pagan kings over the centuries, no doubt in asserting Bagan is one of the great archaeological sites on Earth.



With its 2,220 Buddhist temples left today (in about 13,000 temples in the peak period), you can unleash the freedom to explore. The temples are located close to each other at a distance, so you can depending on the conditions to choose the form of movement, such as walking, cycling, buses, tuk tuk or balloon. When you travel in Myanmar, temple is place that you can’t ignore

Feel the local beauty


When travel to Myanmar, you will never forget a form of beauty treatments that using natural ingredients called Thanaka. Thanaka smells natural sweet, the people used to cool the skin and protect against the sun. Normally a small amount of water into the air Myanmar flour, then brush or cotton brushed to draw to your face. Here, you will be interesting to look at the girl with the rabbits or animals on the cheek.