When you travel in Indonesia and you want to try Indonesian cuisine. You should try these traditional dishes


1.Nasi Goreng



Nasi Goreng, which literally means “fried rice” in Indonesian, can refer simply to fried pre-cooked rice, a meal of fried rice includes small quantities of oil or margarine, typically Sale you kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), cooking, chives, garlic, tamarind, chili and accompanied by other ingredients, especially eggs, chicken and shrimp.

There is also Nasi Goreng a kind made with ikan asin (salted dried fish) but also popular throughout Indonesia.

Nasi Goreng is called the national dish of Indonesia, though there are many other candidates. It can be enjoyed in the simplest version of a tin plate at a food stall by the roadside, eating in restaurants, or collected from the dinner Jakarta.

In 2011 an online poll of 35,000 people was hosted by CNN International chose Nasi Goreng dish is second in the list of “50 of the world’s delicious food”. You should not miss this dish when travel to Indonesia

2.Mie Goreng



Mie Goreng Goreng Bami is also called, is a dish full of flavor and spices fried noodles popular in Indonesia. It is made with thin yellow noodles fried in vegetable oil with garlic, onion or chives, fried shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, or sliced ​​bakso (meatballs), peppers, cabbage, cabbage, tomatoes , eggs, and other vegetables.

Mie Goreng can be found everywhere in the country, from the street to the upscale restaurant. It is a favorite dish of Indonesia, although street vendors usually sell Nasi Goreng with (fried rice).



Satay is a popular dish, meat skewer, served with sauce. Satay may include diced or sliced ​​chicken, goat, lamb, beef, pork, fish, other meats, or tofu; the more realistic version uses skewers from the midrib of the coconut palm leaves, although bamboo skewers are often used. These are baked or grilled over a wood or charcoal fire, then served with various spicy seasonings.

Satay originated in Java, Indonesia. It is available almost anywhere in Indonesia, where it has become a national dish. Satay is a very popular dish in Indonesia; culinary art of the ethnic diversity of the country.

Satay is listed at number 14 in a poll of the world’s 50 most delicious foods according to CNN Go in 2011. You should try this dish when travel to Indonesia