Festival in Vietnam are one of activities that every tourist want to enjoy when take a tour to Vietnam. these are some features of Vietnam festival


1.Sacred properties

To make a festival, always have to find a reason to be “sacred” area. That is the hero fight was mortally wounded, he fell to the ground, immediately extruded onto the grave affair.

That is where a hero suddenly saints, ascended to Heaven. The festival also just formed to date of birth, date of death of a person in the village with water, in this field or other fields (there are healers, some vocational training, someone dug ditches, others aquatic therapy, which he fought)

2.Community properties

The festival is just born, survive and grow when it became voluntary needs of a community. Large community, the scope of the festival is also large. By the new festival a family, a village, a district, a region or country.

The festival was born and exist are linked to a certain region. Therefore any festival in the nuances of that region. Local calculation of the festival is the festival proved that sticking very closely to the life of the people, it meets the spiritual needs of the people and culture, not only in content but also in the festival festival style anymore.

Style is reflected in the fact prose, in costume, style parasols, style procession, flag-style, in offering an offering . Tourist should notice this when take a tour to Vietnam

3.Art music, singing and dancing


Music, singing and dancing not only appear at the Assembly. Even at the ceremony, all kinds of performing arts has been present as an indispensable element, and in some festivals, the art form has occupied the leading role. For example, in Quoc Oai district, Ha Tay province, has a living singing became village festival. It was back then, with that song kind of unique.

With the strict regulations on the style of living, that is a form of singing worship singing, singing ceremony was held quite methodical with the tunes, all the rich. Type of ritual singing is quite popular around the province northern plains.

The best time for tour to Vietnam with festival is January to February