Assam Laksa Noodle is Malaysia’s national spirit. Every tourist that have tour to Malaysia want to try this noodles


Assam Laksa noodle wheat with big, chewy crisp air in the broth made from fish sour soup. Acidity is formed from Assam (sorrel) combined with the sweetness from sliced ​​mackerel meat with vegetables such as basil, green onions, mint, ginger makes a bowl of hot noodles pungent flavor, bodied.

Nasi Kandar curry rice dish originating from the Indian community in Malaysia this popular sale on the sidewalk eateries in Penang. Points to make up the difference for Nasi Kandar is due curry sauce with pungent spices, warm. Along with hot rice, eaters can choose to combine the different types of food such as beef, chicken, shrimp, omelette, okra, bitter gourd and tomato.


Hokkien Mee’s a Hokkien noodles in Malaysia. There are 2 locations Hokkien Mee noodle enjoy Malaysia’s most famous in the capital Kuala Lumpur and Penang island. However, this way of cooking in two places to differ. Hokkien Mee in Kuala Lumpur made of yellow egg noodles mixed with soy sauce brown comparator match, gelatinous.

This noodle dish with pork, squid, prawn sambal belacan created with a little pungent.

Hokkien Mee also in Penang noodles pork bone broth and stew. International Meat far skewer meat skewers marinated with peanuts and some distinctive spices to flavor roasted over charcoal and red. Meats used for the grill can be a world away from chicken, goat, lamb or beef skewers sliced ​​then on top sharpened bamboo sticks.



Mixed vegetable salad Rojak: Rojak is a salad made from raw vegetables and fruits such as shredded green mango, green apple, cucumber, papaya, guava … Pasembur aka Rojak Mamak dish consisting of boiled potatoes, boiled egg, radish, chopped cucumber, tofu, squid, fried shrimp, octopus and mix in sweet spicy sauce mixture of peanuts, chili and sweet potatoes.

All the harmony between all sorts of sour, spicy, salty, sweet has created a hot bowl of spicy noodles unforgettable in the hearts of visitors. Asam Laksa ever international news site CNN Travel ranked No. 7 in the list of 50 most attractive cuisines in the world, it is enough for us to imagine it captivates so many diners have the opportunity to taste the past.

Tourist should try it when get tour to Malaysia. Nowadays tour to Malaysia is cheaper that can help you make holidays in this country