Rice is the basic food in Indonesia today, rice is also a major factor to make up the culture of Indonesia: rice field landscape, the products in the market, is used in most meals, both for savory and sweet food.  When you have a tour to Indonesia, you will have chance to try dishes from rice


The importance of rice in Indonesian culture is expressed through respect Dewi Sri, the goddess of rice in Java and Bali. Traditionally, the agricultural cycle of the year is based on the cultivation of rice round, are marked by rituals, such as Seren Taun ceremony of the new meal.

Rice is usually served with a meat and vegetables are not. Rice is cooked with coconut milk dish nasi uduk, cooked with coconut milk and turmeric (nasi Kuning), with dishes ketupat (rice wrapped cube of plaited coconut leaves), lontong (rice wrapped in banana leaves), intip or rengginang (elderberry), desserts, noodles, pasta, beras arak (rice wine), and nasi Goreng (fried rice). Nasi Goreng popular throughout Indonesia and is considered a real state.


Rice is included as part of the human diet after growing its technical mastery. The evidence of wild rice is found in Sulawesi island dating from the year 3000 BC. The earliest evidence of cultivation than from the records carved in stone on the 8th century in the central island of Java, wrote that the king was taxed on rice. This also attracts scientists get tour to Indonesia

Division of labor between men and women and animals in rice (this tradition remains to this day), are embossed into the road fringing on Prambanan temple built in the 9th century in Central Java: buffalo plow oxen , women and pounding rice sowing, men sheaves and put up pole (pikulan).

In the 16th century, Europeans came to Indonesia and found that rice is considered a luxury dish nobility was used in ceremonies and occasions treats.



Indonesian rice farming history associated with the development of iron tools, the Asian water buffalo domesticated buffaloes plowing into and the introduction of fertilizers to enrich the soil. Rice cultivation need sunshine. As covered by jungle, so for the past 1500 years, most forest areas in Indonesia were destroyed to make way for crops and homes

Rice is spirit of Indonesia food, you should know when get tour to Indonesia