Referring to the Cambodian cuisine, you have to mention the food which is made from insects such as spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, scorpions, … If you get a tour in Cambodia, you should try insects that make your trip unforgettable.


These animals can not eat those great, processing through the hands of the people Cambodia have become attractive dish. This is considered a feature of Cambodian cuisine with what it is not for the faint of heart.

Insects are usually processed by the method of frying, roasting or baking crispy. Before bringing insects processing has been featured marinated spices that make food attractive. If you are brave, make sure addresses in Phnom Penh once you enjoy this dish.

On the rest areas, tourist attractions, traditional markets are sold fried insects. It is the people placed in plastic trays, aluminum carrying tourists away solicitation. They sell insects everywhere that you can see through in your  tour in Cambodia


Maybe somebody will ever eat terrified, grimaces and asks: “Insects, how that edible?”. It is true that they have looked awful! But if you have tried and will never forget its taste characteristics: greasy, crispy.

These insects like spiders, tomato stalks, egg ants, cicadas, crickets rice, bee pupae, grasshoppers … are the people caught in natural environment so secure food hygiene. This is also a way of creating jobs for many Cambodian farmers. The time after harvest, no jobs, they hunt spiders in soil cavities, then taken to sell to traders; or homemade peddling then carried away.

On the road you travel through, if the image of a small lake, top up a white plastic plate with the lamp, do not be too surprised. That’s how to catch crickets traditions of indigenous people to get their rum dish fried crickets, are sold for about 1,000 riel /bud. Belostomatid, cicadas, grasshoppers … also have a similar start this craft.



As mentioned, the streets of the Cambodian cuisine rustic, unsophisticated, even processing. Insects after cleaning, the seller will carry away a little fried and mixed with spices to taste. So there is a fat insect dishes, fleshy, delicious crispy with indigenous and exotic visitors.

If you get a tour in Cambodia, you should ry to experience strange feeling when using insect fried dishes, it’s not as scary as many people think.