Like many countries in the world, Vietnam cuisine is also leaving no small impression in the hearts of foreign tourists.The famous dishes of Vietnam has gradually strengthen its position and appeal. Along learn 5 dishes world-famous Vietnam has been a lot of foreigners recognized offline.


Honored as one of the best street food in the world, burgers and vegetable dishes of Vietnam as tourists are most sought.

Vietnamese Bread infused with flavors, ingredients and tastes from the two countries. Filled with a choice of meat (or egg, for vegetarians), fresh vegetables and a moreish sweet sauce, the crispy baguettes can be found in street stalls, restaurants and even the most remote areas.

Beef noodle

This national staple is made with flat rice noodles, a warming broth and usually chicken or beef. The flavor of this comforting noodle soup can vary greatly across the country, and many establishments load your table with sauces, herbs…

Beef noodle or “Pho” is probably the most familiar to foreign tourists arriving in Vietnam. With traditional processing, beef noodle soup Vietnamese always flavor and leave an impression on foreign visitors.

Rolls sticky rice cake

These little rolls of heaven are filled with seasoned pork and finely chopped wood ear mushrooms, wrapped in steamed, fermented rice batter, and dunked in a fish sauce dip.

Fillings are usually made from peeled peeled shrimp’s cotton mill, meat, minced mushrooms. Rolls are usually served with chopped lettuce, sweet pickles and sauce is the best. Disk usually rolls fried onion sprinkle look great. coated thin crust so delicate, meticulous


Chè has a vast array of ingredients, both savoury and sweet, but it can be best described as ‘sweet dessert soup’.

Che is snacks appeared on the streets a lot of Vietnam especially those hot summer days. There are many different types of Che. Variations of the dish include anything from kidney beans to grass jelly and tapioca fruit to coconut cream.

Goi cuon

Vietnamese famous dish: translucent spring rolls packed with greens, coriander and various combinations of minced pork, shrimp or crab. In some places they’re served with a bowl of lettuce and/or mint. A southern variation has barbecued strips of pork wrapped up with green banana and star fruit, and then dunked in a rich peanut sauce – every bit as tasty as it sounds.