Nha Trang is a coastal city in the central province of Khanh Hoa. This is considered one of the long-standing sea tourism cities in our country. With hot weather all year round, it is convenient for many kinds of sea tourism. In recent years, many domestic and foreign tourists choose Nha Trang as their holiday destination. Below are the 10 most attractive Nha Trang tourist destinations.

Vinpearl Land

Located on Hon Tre Island with green beaches year round, Vinpearl Land is known as the “paradise of the tropics”. In addition to its luxurious hotels, gorgeous gardens, and an ideal freshwater pool, it also boasts a thrilling game area, aquariums and spectacular 4D cinemas.

To visit Vinpearl Land, you need to have a day on the island, from morning until late night.Before you go you should refer to the map Vinpearl Land before and plan in detail to be able to enjoy a full day on the island without missing the most attractive things.

Ponagar Tower

Thap Ba is considered as the symbol of Nha Trang, the largest Champa architectural complex in the Central region. Located in the north of the city, the tourist destination of Nha Trang is about 2km from the center. The tower is a relic of four stupas, two shrines, the largest tower of the goddess Ponagar (Cham means Motherland Department). Thap Ba is open to visitors from 6am to 5pm. After visiting the Ponagar Palace you can take a mud bath at the nearby Thap Ba hot spring resort.

Aquarium Institute

Institute of Oceanography was established in 1923, located at No.1, Cau Da Island, about 6km south east of Nha Trang city center. There are over 20,000 specimens of 4,000 kinds of marine life and freshwater collected and preserved for many years. In particular, to Oceanographic Institute you will be admired skeleton giant whale nearly 26m long, 3m high with 48 fully recovered vertebrae. This must be a must for families with children or young people who love to learn about animals

Nha Trang Stone Church

Rock Church, also known as Mount Church, Nga Cross Church, Nha Trang Church, was built on September 3, 1928 and completed in May 1933.

In general, the church is well-structured with small cubes rising from low to blue. The highest point of the church is the place of the cross on the top of the bell tower, 38m high from the street. The cathedral has a large dome, gothic style roses that feature as a highlight in the heart of the city. This is a unique religious architecture of France, attracting a lot of tourists and photographers come here every year.

Ninh Van Bay

Ninh Van Bay in Ninh Hoa District (Khanh Hoa Province) is a tourist area that still preserves wild nature, ideal for honeymoon vacations. There are few types of services here, most of which are resort types that are entitled to explore tourism here. Ninh Van Bay is 60 km away from Nha Trang, but there are no roads here but can only be reached by sea, located on the Hon Meo Peninsula, which looks like an oasis surrounded by clear blue sea, white sandy beaches and the coconuts swinging in the wind.

Come here you can enjoy playful, bathing, fishing, watching the sunset, scuba diving to watch the coral … Especially for young people who love to feel strong, can participate in exciting sea games like sea surf, sea balloon, fly board .

YangBay Waterfall

If you come to Nha Trang and think that would be a vacation only the sea and island is not enough. Nha Trang also has a forest landscape with majestic waterfalls. And YangBay Waterfall is one of Nha Trang tourist sites that you should not ignore. YangBay Waterfall is located in Khanh Phu Commune, Khanh Hoa District, Khanh Hoa Province, about 50km from Nha Trang. The waterfall is 100m above sea level, nestled between a primeval forest area, stunning landscape with rocks, water and blooms of four seasons.