Thai cuisine is a subtle blend of herbs, spices and fresh foods with special cuisines. Each dish or entire meals are a delicate mix between spicy, sour, sweet and bitter. Thai cuisine is part of the Thai culture and became one of the factors that attract tourists that have Thailand trip


A dish with coconut milk use quite fatty. Thai cuisine with many different flavors and bring 3 position is: spicy, sour and sweet. Tourist should notice this when have Thailand trip

Thai cuisine is influenced by the cuisine of neighboring countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, etc … Northeast Thailand, the same style of Laos. Northern mountainous regions of Myanmar style, whereas the southern part of Thailand’s cuisine is influenced Muslim from Malaysia.


Thai meal concept where intimate communication of people. During the meal, the main dish is rice with glutinous or sticky rice Mixed leaf, served with many dishes cooked in different ways, according to the taste of each region. It’s the soup, curry, stew or fried, salad and add one or more basic things like sauces and chili sauce. Thai desserts with fresh fruit or the traditional cake.

Thai cuisine is considered interesting how most favorite entertainment. Each domain has a way of eating and cooking Thai real rieng.Am fact that the cuisine of 4 different regions, each region has a distinctive look in the traditional way.

The processing definition unique in the ethnic cuisine of Thailand is the food processing, Thais rarely used to complete grease and very focused on the coordination of bitter – spicy – salt – chat. These men are harmonious combination makes diners feel just mouth, without feeling sick, tired of eating the baked, boiled, steamed, smoked



When enjoying the Thai barbecue will see stronger taste, rich in nutrients. Steamed dishes, dishes flavored boiled particularly sweet taste together … made meticulously makes people remember not to forget to eat. Each dish as containing the hearts of Thai people entrusted to them.

Also when it comes to Thai cuisine we must also mention the royal Siamese cuisine before. Initially popular in the royal family only, today it is widely circulated. Tourist should try as much as possible Thai dish when have Thailand trip