Visiting artificial garden Gardens by the Bay in Singapore seems to be something that anyone coming here cannot ignore because the super giant trees here are really fancy, bulky and admirable when get a Singapore trip


When you have a Singapore trip, you should not miss the opportunity to visit Gardens by the Bay – “City in a garden,” which is considered the outdoor space to relax most of Singapore; it is a work combining architecture and design building green park constitutes one of the tourist attractions of Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay is located in the heart of Singapore’s new urban area on the shores of Marina Bay, adjacent freshwater Marina Reservoir and adjacent casino complex Marina Bay


Gardens By The Bay is a huge garden with an area of 101 hectares was built from a wasteland in the heart of Singapore. The entire park consists of three waterfalls gardens respectively: Gardens East Bay (Bay East Garden), garden Center Bay (Bay Central Garden) and the largest is the South Bay garden (Bay South Garden) with an area of 54 hectares.

Gardens By The Bay is a strategic step in plans to turn Singapore from a “garden city” to become a “city of gardens” with the aim of balancing the ecosystem, improve the quality of city trees .

The gardens inside the bay of Singapore has the domed building is shaped like a snail shell. Inside is the ancient olive trees of Turkey, the European baobab trees, plants of Australia.

Artificial botanical Gardens by the Bay opens from 5 am to 2 pm and free admission. Greenhouses have air conditioning and the bridge was built to connect the “super tree”, allows visitors to travel between gardens and panoramic view from above; the super-giant trees have the ability to synthesize energy and air purification.The tourist should notice this when have a Singapore trip



In the garden is 18 vertical super trees, each tree has a height of 25 to 50 meters and is decorated with tropical flowers, ferns surrounding steel frame. These trees will absorb and radiators bring cool air.

Gardens by the Bay will be the best experience when you have Singapore trip