Singapore is a multiracial country should have a lot of mixed cultural background . Besides the traditional festivals, the Singapore also has extremely unique festivals . These festivals attract tourists all over the world that have to visit when have a Singapore tour


1.Thaipusam festival


Thaipusam festival is an ancient festival of India that no longer exist, but at present, this festival is still in Singapore.

Traditionally Indian, Thaipusam festival is held to celebrate the birthday of a Hindu deity to express adoration, praying for happiness, peace for everyone. Tours also join this festival to pray for their own wish when have a Singapore tour

In Singapore this festival, many activities are organized such as traditional dances, the music program and everyone can participate in the pilgrimage with many rituals “creepy” as regular metal through the upper body. This is a way to express adoration for the gods and religious expression.


2.Light Festival



It is the festival of the Hindus, the festival of light meant as a victory of good with evil, and light to illuminate dark places. On the occasion of the festival of light, Hindus will decorate their houses with lots of lights, to visit friends and organize many activities such as exhibits of fine arts products, gift …

Visit Singapore on this occasion, you will admire the streets with all kinds of colorful lights leave an unforgettable impression.


3.Hari Raya Puara festival



Hari Raya Puara festival is one of two major holidays of Muslims in Singapore. Formal ceremony on the day of Syawal moon in May, marking the end of Ramadan in Islam. Hari Raya Puara  festival is time to everyone forgive each other’s faults and also to strengthen ties within the community.

Hari Raya Puara celebration in time people that visited each other and organize many attractive activities such as shopping at the night market with typical products from Malaysia.

If you have a Singapore tour, you should join in this festival. They will make your trip unforgettable