Sao Din Na Noi is in Si nan National Park. This’s a soil formation into strange shapes, similar to the “Phae Mueang Phi” of Phrae Province. The elders who live in the area used to call this place by a different name. Some call it “Poo Kieaw” or “Ebod”.

A strange natural phenomenon which has created a sight worth looking at and quite a large area to walk around however I arrived early afternoon and it was just too hot to walk around in the open but I would like to try it early morning as it is worth looking at in its entirety.

The researchers assume that it might be aged during 10,000 – 30,000 years and was once the bottom of the sea. There have been discoveries of stone bangles and ancient axes, which are currently preserved at the Nan National Museum.


Sao Din Na Noi is located in Na Noi district. There are viewpoint spots where visitors can enjoy scenery of the mountain ranges and the curving of Nan River flowing through the national park to Pak Nai district. Otherwise, travel by bus along the Bangkok – Nan route to Wiang Sa district and continue with the Wiang Sa – Na Noi – Na Muen Bus to the Ban Mai T-junction and rent a car further to the National Park. During February, the forest is especially beautiful by the change of color leaves.