Philippines capital is increasingly popular Destinations in Southeast Asia travel route. Manila has many interesting kind of entertainment activities for tourist but these are famous places to visit in manila



Large stone Citadel is 64-hectare was built by the Spanish in 1571 and still standing after the war and natural disasters. The ideal time to explore the city with unique architectural style in Southeast Asia Europe is before 10 am, when the temperature is not too hot. This is one of popular famous places to visit in manila


2.Gallery of Contemporary Art

Gallery of Contemporary Art regularly Manila has exhibited paintings, photography, contemporary experience of the young artists Philippines and the world. The amazing thing of all is not expensive for visitors entrance fees.


3.Greenbelt Area

Greenbelt church is located next to the park of the same name, visitors can visit just a famous religious works of Manila, while they can combine shopping. Greenbelt around the park is a series of shops, shopping centers known for luxury items such as Gucci, Prada, Diesel, Aldo … This is a good choice for tourist  to choose places to visit in manila



4.Manila Bay

Manila Bay is a bay located on the west side of the closed Metro Manila (National Capital Region), Philippines. Bay has a total area of 1,994 km² and is surrounded by a coastline of 190 km.



Manila Bay with blue sea is fascinating tourist destination is extremely popular in the Philippine capital. Even more beautiful bayside sunset when the colors yellow, orange up the whole scene. This is one of popular famous places to visit in manila that tourist can ignore



Like many other Asian cities, Manila also has Chinatown (Chinatown). This is places to visit in manila where visitors can stop by, shop for cheap items, enjoy specialty Chinese cuisine or participate in the festivities of the Chinese here



6.Marikina Shoe Museum

Shoe Museum is one of the points to be women, especially the favorite fashionista.  Museum is located on the mall area of the Philippine capital.



These are famous places to visit in manila when tourist come to Philippine