Sinulog festival is a dance festival brings cultures is extremely unique, popular that tourist also like when have Philippines vacation. The festival is held on the 3rd Sunday of January every year. This is a religious festival to celebrate an important milestone in the religion of the people of the Philippines.


Sinulog festival is a dance ritual in honor of the miraculous image of the Santo Niño. Meaning not only a tribute to Santo Nino church with the Sinulog festival dance that historians are now said a follow-up event history and dance in Sinulog festival identifiable links between the past and present in religion and Christian traditions.

In most churches, travelers will not be very familiar with these outfits moro-moro pictures baby dance and performed the repertoire vivid tableau in honor of Santo Nino holy name. In 1980, the Director of the Ministry of Sports and Youth Development in Cebu named David S. Odilao Jr. has allowed the organization of the parade, the first parade with the presence of many students, students in the city . Taking part in Sinulog festival in tourist’s Philippines vacation will be the joyful time


The parade brought together people from seven universities and schools pioneering festival, which created a big buzz in the Philippines and tacitly decided to become one of the biggest festival in this country .

To welcome Sinulog festival unique, Filipinos have surprised prepare traditional clothing is extremely impressive. At the business center also appears many equipment leasing services as well as the festival second to decorate their homes. Guests can choose to view and buy for themselves the unique traditional costumes.



Sinulog festival takes place with bright colors, bustling atmosphere in the presence of so many travelers from around the world. Through And that is why flights to Cebu Philippines Paciffic always quickly sold out.

Characteristic of the Sinulog festival headlining appearances party costume with bright colors, they marched through the streets and dancing to the rhythm Sinulog. This is a traditional dance is long and has a meaning very special Praise the name Santa Nino. Festive atmosphere became extremely joyful, excited in the bustling music scene, attracting the attention of many people who take Philippines vacations