Maybe Filipino dishes are not well known by the neighboring countries of Thailand, Vietnam, however, with more than 7,000 large and small islands with a colorful history, this country has some delicious dishes carrying its own characteristics that make your Philippines trip exciting


Philippine cuisine including dishes, processing methods and food traditions in the Philippines. Cuisine with its typical dishes have been developed over the centuries in the South Island group, which is then mixed with the other schools of cuisine from Spain / Portugal, China , America and other Asian countries, has changed to suit the tastes and local ingredients

There are both simple dishes as a meal with rice and salted dried fish, as well as sophisticated dishes such as paella and dishes made cozido for holidays. The famous dishes include: lechon (whole roasted pig), longganisa (sausage Philippines), tapa (corned beef), Torta (egg omelet), adobo (chicken or pork simmered with garlic, vinegar, cooking oil, and soy sauce, cook until the water runs)


Kaldereta (meat in tomato sauce), mechado (fried beef lard, cooking soy sauce, tomato sauce), puchero (beef cooked in tomato sauce banana), afritada (chicken or pork cooked simmered with vegetables, tomato sauce), Kare Kare-(oxtail and vegetables and peanut sauce), crispy pata (pork fried), hamonado (fresh pork pineapple sauce), sinigang (meat and sour water cooked seafood), pancit (noodles) and lumpia (spring rolls or spring rolls).

Filipino cuisine is characterized by close cooperation between the saltiness (ALAT), sour (Asim) and sweet (Tamis). For food other Asian countries, there are no clear rules about the order furnished the food, but for Filipino cuisine, all dishes are served at once. Tourist should notice this when have Philippines trip



Like most Asian countries, the Philippines is the staple food of rice. The rice was cooked and eaten in the meal. Some leftover rice after meals is usually fried with garlic to make sinangag, is a light dish with fried eggs and salted meats or sausages. Rice is usually eaten with sauce or broth of the main dishes.

In many regions, rice is mixed with salt, sweetened condensed milk, cocoa or coffee. Rice flour is used to make sweets, cakes and other baked goods. In addition to rice is the staple food, bread is a staple food. Enjoy their cuisine will make your Philippines trip become joyful