Masskara Festival is the most important festival of the Philippines that attracting many locals people and tourist which get Philippines tourism

MassKara Festival – The festival of smiles is held every year on the 3rd week of October in the city of Bacolod, Nergros Island, Philippines. This is the most important festival of the Philippines, attracting many locals and tourists attend.

Masskara Festival MassKara name is a combination of the English word “mass” – many people and Spanish “cara” – surface. So MassKara means “a lot of smiling faces.” This explains why the highlights of the festival is the mask with a big smile.


MassKara Festival was born in 1980 as a reminder or statement that, although people Bacolod public in difficult circumstances will pass and got up.

Festive season this year, tens of thousands of residents and visitors took to the streets of Bacolod as a colorful sea life with thousands of bright smiles. Throbbing drums and carnival songs sounded jubilant atmosphere, fresh that make your Philippines tourism trip unforgettable

The dancers wear colorful outfits, masked with a bright smile is decorated with numerous colored sparkling beads and feathers. They performed many unique street dance is like the carnival in Venice or Brazil. Bands, dance groups in colorful costumes and fiery will play many Latin and local catering for tourists.



Also in the framework of the festival, there are many dance competitions attractive street. The “enemy” in intoxicating dance competition by the most beautiful, the most attractive, making the dance floor “street” becomes boisterous. Guests also enjoy yourself in the music and exciting dance or enjoy the beer festival at the city’s major squares.

At night, the more jubilant Bacolod, more impressive with Electric MassKara festivities with floats and costumes of the dancers on the street during Lacson.In the bustling atmosphere of the festival, visitors and locals together to vote out the Queen’s annual MassKara festival. “Street party” and lasted until dawn.

When tourist get Philippines tourism, they should join in Masskara Festival