There is a fact that everyone knows that Filipinos all over the world would love to celebrate and gather. Special characteristics of Philippine tourism is always the festival is held every year. Ati-Atihan festival is a big festival in year and if you have Philippines holidays, you should not miss this festival


Because of the influence of a very special culture mix between Spain, China and the United States, and subject to a long dominance of the Spanish so today, the festival culture is heavily influenced Philippines most styles from Spain, notably through the customs and rituals related to the Catholic church.

It started in 800 years age, Ati-Atihan festival is considered the largest spring, colorful and most fun in the Philippines and it’s time that attract tourist come for Philippines holidays


If to Kalibo, Aklan provincial center in Panay Island, Philippines on the 3rd week of January, you will be treated to the most spectacular festival and the oldest of the country. This is an occasion to honor the Filipino people Baby Jesus, the patron for the whole country.

Just to the occasion, Kalibo becomes vibrant with colorful costumes, wild dancing and drumming thrill everywhere.

Ati-Atihan Festival stems from the thirteenth century when a group of Malay immigrants come here. To easily integrate with the indigenous people have dark skin, they painted his face black and singing, dancing to express gratitude for, was provided food and land to live. Today, to keep this ancient origin, who participated in the parade in the main festival grounds also painted soot and wearing the national costume brilliant colors.



Although lasted for a week, but the focus of this festival is to last 3 days from Friday to Sunday. In particular, Sunday is the big day with screen Baby Jesus statue from the church to the park Kalibo Pastrana nearby.

This lavish procession ceremony has become a parade attracted many participants gia.Khong only that, Ati-Atihan also attracts tourists with an outdoor dance contest. To participate in this competition, the dancers of the group of contestants had to prepare every week before the performance. Each team consists of 40 to 50 people will represent their local live to participate and try to win the bonus. Festival will make your Philippines holidays joyful