Pangaea – Singapore’s luxury nightclub.

To Pangaea, you have to spend $ 20,000 to be able to shop and to spend another $ 20,000 for a drink.

Is a super nightclub located in the complex of Marina Bay Sands casino, Pangaea is like a “Ferrari in the world of nightclubs.” This nightclub is open from 2011, with an area of 550m2 and wider seats up to 400 people. Pangaea weekly welcome back guests giants, the famous boss and who spend money like water to have fun throughout the night.

$ 32.000 for 1 cocktail
The interior of the nightclub exudes luxury and class in every detail. Sofas made from fine materials such as leather luxury zebra, ostrich skin, crocodile skin and the rooms around a stone table made of granite.

Singapore's luxury nightclub
Singapore’s luxury nightclub

Table prices here are from 15,000 to 20,000 dollars, but every night the tables here are fully booked.

Nightclub be playing this very well when installed 20,000 light bulbs ceiling covered at all times.

You can catch here the cocktail can cost up to $ 25,000. What makes the difference, and this class is a cocktail of diamonds 1 carat triple X comes.

Singapore's luxury nightclub
Singapore’s luxury nightclub

Nightclub always organizing parties and themed invites the world’s leading DJ playing music.

This nightclub has said he will only serve the super-rich class. “People who drive a Ferrari, traveling with hand luggage Singapore’s prestigious Louis Vuitton brand, the fashion clothing Hermes and Gucci, or drive private jet to Pangaea will be welcomed as a yours”.