With 21 small islands, Nam Du archipelago (Kien Giang province) is fascinated with the beautiful coast and the magical aquatic world.

Nam Du archipelago is the most remote archipelago of Kien Hai district (Kien Giang), 80 kilometers from Rach Gia. 21 large islands make up the magnificent mid-sea complex. The islands belonging to 2 communes are An Son and Nam Du.

The best weather to explore Nam Du archipelago is from late December to May, calm sea, beautiful jade water. From Ho Chi Minh City, visitors can take high quality car to Rach Gia wharf, then take the boat to the island (about 2 hours). You can easily send your motorbike at Rach Gia Port.

The move between the islands is almost by boat. To save money, travelers should take groups of 8 to 12 people. In addition to the pleasure of exploring the pristine islands, sleeping tents are the best option, so when traveling crowded people will save money.

The islands have to go in Nam Du are Hon Ngang, Hon Mau, Hai Bo Dyke, Bai Men. Guests can contact the boat of local people 

Hon Mau is very beautiful with 5 beaches, leading by the beach. There are also beach, Da Den beach and Da Trang beach is very romantic. Bai Nam is the front of the island, where it is like yen, wind year round, surrounded by green coconut trees.

Ideally, Da Den beach, where there are many beautiful stones, colorful colors, patterns.Visitors here will immerse themselves in the blue sea, or lie on the sandy beach is wild and romantic.

Often the beach in Nam Du, shoal, near the shore is quite long, need to walk a section to shore. You should walk with the back, precautions kicking stones or rocky holes alternating.

After a long journey to discover the big and small islands, Men beach is the ideal place to rest and relax in cool water, enjoy the feeling of peace.

– Other services: night squid fishing, camping on the deserted island, water party at the beach, fishing net …