When you get Myanmar trip, you will have chance to try Myanmar cuisine in traditional restaurant, you can not only eat but also enjoy the unique from this cuisine. Curry rice is one of them, it attracts tourist by its own flavor


Myanmar’s cuisine has the influence of a number of countries such as China, Thailand …. However, under the skillful hands of the people here, the food at this place brought the most important characteristic, that diners ate hardly forget the color, the taste of it.

As the name of this dish, curry is the main raw material, but you can choose to eat together pork, beef, lamb or seafood served with rice and side dishes, and a small bowl of soup a large tray fresh vegetables, such as tomato salad, fried vegetables and various herbs.

At the curry shop for Muslims, Myanmar curries are served with salad, vegetables, beans … curry dish is available in any public bars in Myanmar, which is not only a dish dining experience but also a great cuisine.


It is suitable for all tourist all around the world that have chance to try the unique favor of Myanmar curry when get Myanmar trip. That help you know more about Myanmar cuisine because it is effected by Thailand or Indian curry but it still have own flavor

Myanmar curry is a dish style and taste of Myanmar. After finishing the meal, you will enjoy a traditional dessert of Myanmar – a traditional lacquer trays, drinking tea made from sugar together palms, sip and nuts.



One interesting thing to enjoy a curry diet Myanmar is you will get more traditional dessert of Myanmar – the pickled tea leaves and seeds in a tray containing lacquer. Visit the Myanmar traditional restaurant, you can not only eat but also have abdominal distension dining experience enjoyable.

Myanmar curry is the dish that you have to try when you have Myanmar trip. It will make you unforgettable